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Before & After Body Transformation

A few years back my cousin asked me to join her in some circuit classes, I had no idea what I was in for. I went in with the attitude ‘I don’t want to get bulky or manly looking so I’m not lifting any heavy weights.”

Even though the personal trainer had told me numerous times I wouldn’t and if I lift heavier it will actually change me in a good way, it took me years for it to actually register and for some reason I continued the circuits weekly even though I hadn’t changed from the first few months as I was still using the same weights from day one. I used to complain about having to go but at the end of every circuit I put my name down for the following week. I obviously wanted to keep it up part of me was enjoying it and I didn’t admit this to myself for a long time.

Late 2013 I booked a trip to Oz to visit my brother, I had always wanted to see this amazing country. I built my holidays up in work to go for 4-5weeks early 2014 and to cut a long story short a lot happened in my personal life Christmas 2013.  I was very down, fed up, broken & upset I couldn’t shake it.

I lived everyday waiting on the trip away. I arrived in the amazing Oz, we travelled and I met the most amazing people/friends ever I decided on that trip I wasn’t going back home yet! Another broken girl leaving my dad to go back home alone I cried for three days had I made the right decision even though my gut had told me yes, I doubted myself!

I started training in the gym in Oz, I started working in a lovely beauty salon I met the most positive people I’ve ever met I loved their attitude! I watched the most beautiful women with bodies I’d never saw in flesh in my life train, and guess what? They were lifting heavy weights.. I wanted to be like them not just physically but there mental attitude amazed me.

At home here I feel we tend to be very negative, it took my year in Oz to really realise this, we have so much potential and ideas etc but we don’t use it because what will he say or she say or what if ETC!! I decided coming home I was going to be thankful for everything and everyone that passed through my life or that are still in it today. I came home & went straight to my PT in the gym and said I wanted to start personal training as well as the usual 2 circuits a week I did before going to Oz.

That was it…I started my 2 pt sessions of lifting heavy weights the 1st week in January. I struggled through many sessions but never missed one. I started to feel better, others were seeing the change and not only physically but my outlook in life changed. I started out working for myself and I train every week- that’s my time out! I can’t explain how good for the head this is.

I started following like minded people on Instagram etc their positive attitudes, their tips, advice, their stories etc I loved every bit of it! So I looked back wondering if I had changed much to realise I actually had without ever really noticing how much! I never ever have been on a diet, in fact you will never hear those words from my mouth, I don’t believe in it. I think making long term more sustainable changes and staying consistent is a better route.

Be realistic quick fixes are not sustainable. What happens when you start eating etc again? I am now more open to healthier options on menus and now eat more fresh foods such as fruit and veg etc but I still have my chocolate daily. I haven’t got the willpower to give that up just yet  📷

We should be focusing more on the health side off things too such as healthier foods and exercise in our daily routines not just what size we are. I was always unhappy with my legs and bum they were always the biggest part of me now I appreciate them and I accepted I could improve these areas and feel more confident.

I can’t remember ever feeling happier in myself both mentally and  physically and I believe exercising  and getting involved with positive people are a lot to do with this. You don’t have to go on to any strict diet and  hardcore exercise that you don’t enjoy to change, start with your mind and the rest will happen. Make small changes and enjoy the long term results.

Now the end of 2018 & i'm still training & lifting weights, I’m still eating chocolate daily & loving life! My Instagram got a bit more popular of recent & often I get said to me, sure it’s okay for you, you were always tiny! I think from my pictures you can see I wasn’t! I know I was never huge or had a weight problem as such but I was heavier, unhappy with how I looked & felt on s daily basis!  I’m so glad I never let myself go back like that even through all the ups & downs life throws at us! 

Find an exercise you enjoy, schedule it in like a work meeting & go do it a few times a week no matter if you have a good or bad day you won’t ever regret it!   Don’t use time as an excuse, we always make time for the things that matter most & your health & mind should be up there with those! 

Hollie xx

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