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Hey everyone, 

Something a little bit different this month, something I feel very strongly about and a topic that isn’t discussed half enough.  


When you see that word what do you think about? I’m not talking about prescription drugs from your doctor I’m talking about the illegal drugs that are widely and ready available to each and everyone of us at any given time.  

I’ve reached my thirty’s without having ever tried a single illegal drug, I intend to reach my death bed without ever trying or taking any of it, unfortunately this is becoming more and more uncommon and rare for both men & women in our generation.  “ I tried it” “I took it the odd time” “I take it when we are out” “I used to take it” etc.. 

I often hear “it’s the same as drink but no hangover” I’ve even heard “it’s better as you don’t consume all the calories you do when drinking alcohol but still have that buzz” I do not get any of this.  Drugs are illegal for a reason!  Ladies/ girls why do you get your make up done, your eyelashes, your hair etc to go out & spend your hard earned cash to get yourself into a mess both physically & mentally? Lads do you work hard all week to give your hard earned money to drug dealers to look & feel a mess for days after? 

It’s everywhere yes, but “everyone takes it” is not true.  I don’t and I never ever intend too.  Depression and anxiety are riff in our world today, why are you willing to pay money to put yourself in a downward spiral for disaster in your personal relationships, work/ career/ college etc life? I see people from my teenage years suffering daily, living a life of paranoia, confusion and indecisive  decisions.  The only way I can describe what I see is they no longer know their own minds.  They live with anxiety daily mainly due to the poor choices they made as teenagers & in their twenty’s.  

I’ve been in the company of people that take drugs plenty of times but never once was I ever tempted.  I’ll never forget living in Australia “living the dream” as they say and ringing my mummy back home saying that I felt there was something wrong with me my words were “everyone else seems to be just having such a good time on nights out etc & I’m just sitting there thinking why am I not having as good a time as they are”  it only clicked months into my time in Oz that the majority of people weren’t just drinking.  Cocaine was everywhere.  I was extremely naive for a long time but what hurt the most was ringing mummy to say I felt there was a problem with me “why wasn’t I just as happy & chirpy as the others?” Because they were on cocaine etc & I wasn’t.   They were happier on the night out but not so happy for days after.  

I see people unable to hold down jobs, unable to keep relationships with family, friends, boyfriends/girlfriends etc.  I see people unable to give their own children a life they would deep down like to be able to give them due to the addiction of these illegal drugs.  I see anger, frustration, violence, hurt etc.  That’s all I see.  I see no benefits of it and for me the only people benefiting is the dealers and let’s face it even they live life looking over their shoulders.  

My point of this article? Please make wise decisions.  Do not take it because everyone else is.  Think of your future, your parents didn’t bring you into the world to do drugs. Keep your head clear and your mind strong.  There are so many ways of getting a buzz in life believe me drugs isn’t it.  

I’d love to see a change, I’d love this topic to be discussed in schools and colleges etc I’d love to see exactly what damage it all does to a persons mindset & overall mental and physical health.  It’s not discussed often enough and it’s never too late to change your ways.  Get the help you need to come away from life with drugs! Make your future count.


Thank you for reading, feel free to contact me on Instagram with any questions etc hollie_campbell 

Love H💋llie xx 

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