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“Fashion is what your offered four times a year by designers and style is what you choose.”

Did you know there was such a huge difference? To lately I didn’t i thought style was fashion and vice versa. Im definitely more style, I usually begin to like the latest fashion a season or two later. It usually takes me a few months to warm to the latest and then it’s almost “out of fashion” but to be honest I don’t care. I believe in “if you like it, you feel good in it, your confident in it and it fits then wear it”

I don’t care that it’s not the latest trend and I don’t agree It spending money on clothes to wear once and because there are pictures over social media you feel you cannot wear it again? Isn’t that why we have washing machines?

Here is a skirt I bought approximately four years ago, it’s still pulled out mixed and matched with bits and I still love it just as much as the year I got it. Just when we are on this picture I’ll mention the dupe zara earrings I bought on ali express for £1:75 before Christmas.

I love a bargain, I’m not a foolish shopper. My favourite shop? Hands down it’s tkmaxx for everything, furniture, sports gear, shoes, handbags, dresses, underwear, candles, even bits of Make up. How’s to shop in tkmaxx? Go alone, go on a Monday morning or a Wednesday after 6, if you haven’t one full hour to spare then don’t get go. It isn’t a shop you will find anything in if you are distracted or stressed. I am a fan of selling on Depop (h0lliecam) if I haven’t wore items in a wile and don’t think I will again Depop is the perfect option. It is extremely easy and safe to use I have never had any bother with it.

Ladies, embrace the good parts of your body that your most confident with. I love a backless dress I prefer to show my back than my boobs. So if your conscious your boobs are too big or too small embrace your back or your legs.

Even the bodies we all envy on social media have a self counsious part we are all guilty of that so never feel you are any different. I am loving the fact that the big influencers such as Roz Purcell etc are showing their stretch marks and bits of cellulite we all thought didn’t exist on them. I have small white stretch marks up my inner thighs and I’m sure they are on my bum if I looked close enough which I’m yet to do. I have cellulite on the outsides of the tops of my thighs, who cares? I used to look at it after a shower and think ugh it’s horrible especially in certain lighting but now I think to myself “we all have it” and all those good foods throughout my 31 years are worth those small flaws. Roz Purcell is one of my biggest idols in so many ways and has been from the social media world existed. I think she was the first person I ever followed on Twitter and Instagram and I was lucky enough to meet her on a few occasions.

I feel Roz is one of the “real ones” she is so beautiful, so honest, so healthy and so fit, she has remained top of my inspiration list to date. Roz has the most beautiful face and eyes, extremely different looking and has the most fabulous dress sense.

I love watching Lisa Jordan (JustJordan) she’s another top of my list. So real, honest, fun & an amazing personality. I’ve never seen a woman so heavily pregnant look the way she does. Lisa mixes up her feed a lot, from fashion, make up and her beautiful baby girl Pearl. Always keeping it interesting and real. I have been lucky to be a stockist for her ever growing beauty & hair products which I adore and use myself all the time.

Back to some fashion and style, I do love bits from topshop. I rarely go shopping though I pop in and out of tkmaxx regulary but not shopping centres or that. I do love a dress for an occasion from celeb boutique. It is hard to beat the quality and fit of their clothes in my opinion. They always wash well and are like new for a long time. Many of their dresses I’ve had for years. Casual clothes or going out for dinner style I love Freddie’s I just think they give you such a great shape, I’ve never seen a woman look bad in them. I have every colour and style, my favourite are the leather ones. I have them years and pull them out weekly. I’ve dressed my Freddie’s up or down and they’ve never let me down. My discount code for those is HC20 work away with that getting 20% off.

Dont feel under pressure scrolling through social media that you need every outfit everyone else is wearing. Mix and match your own stuff and appreciate new things when you get them. Also dress for your shape, your height etc there is so many lovely clothes I see on others but I know they wouldn’t suit my shape nor would i feel comfortable or confident in so I’d never purchase them. “You do you” as I say.

Sports gear i basically live in, between gym gear and my work uniform. Most of my gym gear is tkmaxx or jd sports in the Buttercrane I do love bits of Nike. Primark have blown me away with their latest sports clothes, the alive living range is gorgeous, so reasonable priced and the quality is extremely good. I picked up a few pieces and after plenty of days in the gym they have washed great and have been wore again numerous times.

Im sure I’m forgetting places and pieces of clothing through this but I can come back and add to it if I do.

Thanks for reading, would love to hear your thoughts on any of the blogs on here to date.

Love H💋llie

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