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“Rome is built on ruins & is absolutely breathtaking”

Rome took my breath away, one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been too. So much to do and so much to see. I’m going to start by telling you if your thinking of going go & if you have a trip booked already do not go without purchasing tickets to the main tourist attractions before you arrive in Rome. It will save you hours and hours on your trip. We booked the Colosseum & the Vatican tours before we went and I was never so happy about anything when I turned up to see the mile long queues that hadn’t pre booked tickets. We booked ours with “skip the line” you will find their website online. Extremely professional, welcoming and organised with a wealth of knowledge on everything.

We stayed in the most beautiful hotel “The singer palace” right in the centre of Rome walking distance to everything. We couldn’t have stayed in a better location, the hotel was absolutely stunning with the most amazing service and food. The roof top bar and restaurant views of Rome and the sunset sold me straight away. I highly recommend staying in Singer palace if you are going.

The Vatican is extremely beautiful, the money in it and around it isn’t even worth thinking about It’s actually in a city of its own (Vatican city state) its address isn’t in Rome Although you do walk into it from Rome.

There were a lot of homeless people outside the Vatican that give me a very disturbed image when I entered into the wealth of the Vatican. I guess that is life but for there to be so many begging for food outside with not even shoes on their feet then the money inside got me thinking as I explored the buildings of paintings & gold inside. The richness and wealth oozed out of every part of the Vatican. An Extremely interesting place and hearing all about Micheal Angelo and how he started painting inside to he died was history in itself. I was never interested in history in school it’s really own from I turned 30 I’ve had an interest in any history if I’m honest.

The Vatican tour is a must when your in Rome no matter what religion you are. We were blessed with the weather it was in the twenty’s the whole time. We went at the end of March, I can imagine the summer being too warm if I’m honest. I would say your best months to go are end of March, April & May then probably September. It’s like a sun trap city with the buildings etc.

The Colosseum was my childhood dream coming to reality. The most amazing building I have ever seen. I could have wandered about it all day. Again defiantly pre book your tickets the queues were miles long if you didn’t have your tickets pre booked. We saved so much time on our trip. The tour guides keep you informed of each area and tell you the history behind it all etc.

Don’t go to Rome without seeing the Colosseum it is a must. Navona square is a must see and the Pantheon.

Eating in Rome

Avoid eating around the Vatican, the Colosseum, the Spanish steps & the Trevi fountain etc (main tourist locations) they will be extremely expensive and not the best food in Rome. Walk the back streets in the main city and that’s were you will find the most beautiful little restaurants that are reasonably priced with delicious foods. The pastas and pizzas were of course my favourite.

We also ate in Navona square and the ice cream there was delicious. You could people watch there all day.

The food in our hotel (The singer palace) was beautiful.

The trevi fountain wasn't as big as I had expected and it gets so crowded it’s nearly uncomfortable. Try go first thing in the morning before the crowds start as you can barely get near it during the day. It is another must see when In Rome along with the Spanish steps.

I recommend at least four full days in Rome, five days would probably be ideal. It would be nice to have one full free day with nothing definite planned to just “roam the streets of Rome” the shopping is also a hit so be prepared ladies and gentlemen.

I hope this helps with an insight for a trip to Rome. I will defiantly be going back. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.

Love H💋llie xx

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