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Why I fell in love with Nice, south of France 🇫🇷

This picture I took from one of my favourite walks in Nice speaks for itself, look at the colour of that water. I am extremely lucky to have spent a lot of time here in the passed 10years as my mummy has an apartment here right there on the promenade looking over that sea. Every time I go to Nice I feel like I come back a new person its the only holiday I ever feel that way to be honest. I spend hours on that promenade walking one end to the other with my ear phones in or simply just having a stroll.

The south of france is gorgeous, it’s so clean and kept so well. The food is absolutely delicious and apparently the wine is too (I don’t drink or like wine) i love their lifestyle here, very fit and healthy. The promenade is full of people every age, shape, size and nationality exercising from early morning to late night every day. It does you the world of good to sit and people watch or join in. They rollerblade (me included) skate board, run, walk, cycle, yoga, Pilates and swimming etc. Everyone is friendly and seem so happy all the time. The beach is stony but that’s never stopped me, I love a dip into the sea when it gets too warm. The sea front is full of sun loungers, bars, cafes etc you will be well looked after.

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Nice is pretty much home from home for me I know it inside out. Food restaurants I recommend are Di Piu, La favola and Le Galet. My three favourite in Nice I have never had bad food in any, very well priced also. Always check the prices of food and drink on the outside menus of any restaurants or bars. Nice has a few Irish and English bars were they have music etc at night.

This is a vision of exactly how the old town in Nice looks, it’s so cute full of small, narrow streets. The centre of the old town has markets everyday that set up their stalls early in the mornings usually to after lunch, you will find there anything from flowers, fresh fruit and veg to second hand French ornaments a very interesting delightful walk to start your morning. On the front promenade of the old town is were I hire my rollerblades every time I visit Nice. You can also hire bikes etc here too.

The public transport in Nice is excellent, you can take day trips on the train or bus to Cannes and Monte Carlo or a boat from the port to St tropes for a day. I have been to all three and loved them. Monte Carlo is definitely how the other half live, Cannes the red steps were the film festival takes place and St tropes full of busy bars, restaurants and shops. I do recommend a trip to each if you have time. The restaurants down at the port in Nice is lovely to eat at some nights when your in the mood for a little walk to and from the port. The port is full of luxury yachts and boats to drool over as you walk passed.

There is excellent shopping in Nice, actually there is excellent shipping in all of the south of France, from your expensive designer shops to our high street fashion stores Zara, mango, Sephora etc. There is something for everyone.

There is a lovely walk to a waterfall just before the port outside the old town and the views are sensational. You can get the most beautiful pictures from the top and at the waterfall too.

The French have great English so you will have no problem with language barriers. The food and drink menus are all in both French and English. There is beautiful roof top bars for drinks with comfortable seats and amazing views. It’s not the best place for children its more couples and friends or a trip with the girls I feel. There is the beach and a park etc but it’s not like Spain etc were they have lots of child friendly activities and places to go to keep them entertained.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and feel free to contact me for more Information.

Love H💋llie xx

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