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“You do you”

So here we are almost the end of 2018 the quickest year of my life to date. I learned alot this year but one thing that stood out to me was how critical we are of others, myself included but I’ve definitely made changes and I have started to think before I speak of others.

Us women talk, we all do it & sometimes we can get carried away and a general gossip can easily lead to a bitching session. I love the saying “what they say or think about me is none of my business” but quite often words can get back and can hurt more than the people will ever know.

I am a fond believer in “If you have nothing good to say to someone then stay quiet” especially when it comes to trolls on social media. So I’m going to chat about a topic that recently more than ever has came up to me by both women & men. I will list a few of the questions I have got asked over Instagram & Snapchat.

Do you ever not wear make up?

Why do you wear make up everyday?

Can you send me a picture with no make up?

What are you like without make up?

Why do you love make up?

It amazes me that both women & men that do not know me & probably never met me have such an interest in me with or without make up. For a start it’s not really any of your business but here ill add some pictures of me bare faced to keep you happy.

Me, myself a few years ago would have cared so much about this kind of thing but she’s gone, long gone! Make up, eyelashes, tan & the beauty industry is my passion, it’s my career it’s been me for a long long time and it’s a huge part of my life. Do you go to football without your football boots? Same but different. If I want to wear make up 24/7 that’s none of your business.

Nothing is ever said by people that wear make up to those who don’t it’s always about those who do. Why do you not wear make up?

Why do you not put in any effort?

Why do you not like make up? Etc..

I have never heard these being asked! Each to their own, it’s personal choice and it’s your business what you do and dont do.

I’d prefer questions such as

How long are you donating blood?

What made you become an organ donar?

What do you do to help those in need? Etc

But No, it’s questions like let me see you with no make up on & why are you single what’s wrong with you? Yeah Ive had that one a few times too believe it or not. I love positive people, I love kindness, respect, honesty. I love listening to others, I love people striving to better themselves & better their lives. I admire people that come from tough backgrounds that let nothing stop them from becoming who they want to be.

I love determination, dedication and commitment that’s why I love sport & have huge respect for those that play it year after year giving it everything they have. I adore independent, successful women, I admire those that stay single & don’t settle for less than they deserve & I admire those that have found a good man that supports them. I admire single parents, I admire parents that bring their children up together It’s not easy no matter what way you look at things.

There is huge pressure on people these days and the pressure on you could be totally different to mine but it doesn’t mean it’s any easier. Nobody knows what goes on in another’s life. Nobody shows their real life 100% on social media so never ever think they do!

People need to change their thoughts and opinions, less negativity and more positivity. So my point here is you worry less about my make up and let’s talk more about what really matters. What do you do in your life to help others? Think before you speak even behind a computer screen your negativity can have a bigger impact on people than you think.

Thanks for reading,

love H💋llie xx

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